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16th-Aug-2007 09:35 pm - Hope - 8/16/2002
"You know he'll be all right," Charlie says as he hands me a glass of ale.

Bill slaps me on the back and takes a gulp of his beer before he adds, "There's no way he's going to let anyone take him away from Gabrielle and from being a pain in my arse."

I smile wanly, glad that my brothers have taken the time to try to console me. I know each of them is hurting badly but they realize how hard Fred's disappearance has hit me.

Staring at each of them, I understand how important time is for the both of them. Charlie has a baby on the way and Bill has his new job along with Fleur.

"I need to get going. Fleur's been with Gabrielle and I'm due over to keep an eye on her." I pick up and finish off my ale before shaking each of their hands and walking out of Muldoon's.

Moving toward the Apparition point, I feel despondent. I've never been away from Fred for this long and it feels like I'm losing a part of me every day he's gone. But I've tried to remain as positive as possible, especially around Gabrielle.

Fred's her husband and I can't imagine the pain she's going through right now. That's why I've been at Zonko's every night and will until this is done.

The familiar pop of Apparition sounding tears me away from my own thoughts.

Walking into Zonko's, I smile at Elaine, Fred's Assistant Manager as she comes up and hugs me. No words pass between us but I can see the concern in her eyes.

After leaving Elaine, I walk through Fred's office, resisting the urge to just sink to the floor right there and let the memories of my life together with Fred wash over me. I make my way upstairs, trying to build up my courage so I can be there for Gabrielle.

Unlocking the charms on the door, I open it and see Fleur sitting on the sofa. Looking past her, I notice Gabrielle asleep on her bad.

I nod over at Fleur and sit beside her while I say quietly, "I'm glad she's finally getting some sleep."

"I put zleeping potion in 'er tea," Fleur smiles and picks up her own cup of tea. She takes a sip before putting her cup down and saying, "Zhe will be out for ze next few hours."

"Good, she hasn't really been sleeping well since it happened. She's been staying up all night." I reply while leaning my head back over the edge of the sofa.

"It looks like you could use zome zleep too, George," Fleur answers while cocking her head to the side.

"But I don't need your potions, luv." I smirk. Yawning quietly, I continue, "Up all night with Gabrielle and trying to keep work together has been exhausting."

"You and Cho 'ave been wonderful for being 'ere for 'er. Merci beaucoup." Fleur touches her heart before leaning over and kissing me on the cheek. She leans away from me, placing her hand on her knee while she smiles, "You 'ave not zeen much of Cho, no?"

"We see each other in the afternoon and the morning. She asked for the night shift at work so she can stay with Gabrielle during the day." Stretching, I yawn again before I kick off my shoes. Feeling my body begin to relax, I remember my night out and add, "I saw Bill out and I'm pretty sure he was heading home."

"'e can wait for me. I 'ave zings to do after I leave 'ere." Fleur sniffs indignantly. She reaches over and takes the last sip of her tea before she says, "But I will leave you with Gabrielle. I 'ope zhe continues to rest."

"I hope she doesn't get too mad at me because you drugged her," I counter.

Fleur stands and picks up her purse. She puts on her robe before she replies, "Do not worry, George. She will be fine. Besides, you do not want to 'ave to zee a Delacour truly mad."

I walk her to the door and she kisses me on the cheek before I respond, "I shudder to think about it."

Fleur laughs lightly before she turns and walks down the stairs. I close the door behind her and lean my body against it.

Glancing over at Gabrielle, I watch her continue to sleep peacefully. I've been so worried about her and at first, I wondered if she'd be able to hold up but she's been amazing, showing a strength that has astounded me. Sitting with her and talking about her life and her relationship with Fred has been a pleasure and has helped to dull the edge of Fred going missing.

I look over at her once more before I reach into my robes and find my overnight bag. Tapping it with my wand, I watch it expand and then head into the loo to clean up. After washing up, I put on my pajamas and chuckle because my normal sleeping wear is a lot less than this.

After walking back into the great room, I dim the lights before lying down on the sofa. Exhaling slowly, I try to calm myself and see if I can get some sleep.

My eyes close and I find myself wishing Cho was next to me. I never thought I'd miss her so much and it's worse because I know she's at work right now so she can just help out.

"George." I open my eyes slowly after hearing the soft, almost lilting voice of Gabrielle.

"Hey, how are you doing?" I ask while sitting up. I pat the sofa next to me and say, "Have a sit."

"Did you help Fleur drug me?" Gabrielle scowls.

She crosses her arms and taps her foot. I gulp deeply and try to keep my voice even while I reply, "I had nothing to do with that, luv. I promise you."

I keep my features plaintive and give her my best hang dog look. Gabrielle stares at me intently before she begins to chuckle. Shaking her head, she responds, "I think I'm just going to kill Fleur then."

"Well, now that I'm off the hit list, would you like to sit down with me?" I ask again after giving a small sigh of relief.

She smiles and sits next to me. I put my arm around her and we settle down on the sofa. Gabrielle flinches away slightly as I touch her but I can't blame her. I may look like Fred and even act like him but I'm not him and it's got to hurt in some way.

But she settles down again and she leans her head back against my arm. She exhales softly, a mournful sound before she says, "I miss him."

My hand touches her opposite shoulder and I pull her closer to me while I say, "Me too."

"I know he's all right, George. Don't you?" Gabrielle asks, her blue eyes blazing with hope.

My mind begins to whirl because I do still feel him somewhere. Maybe it's my imagination but somewhere inside me, I know he's still alive.

"Yeah, I do. But I still don't see why you're so attracted to him other than his obvious good looks." I grin while tilting my head down to look at Gabrielle.

She smiles in return before she says, "I don't know why either. I just love him."

Her words are softy spoken and so sincere that for a moment I don't reply. All I can think of is how much she loves him and in return, how much he loves her. I've watched these two since they first began to see each other and now, when I see the heartache and pain that Gabrielle is going through, I feel a part of me die inside.

"You know I remember when you came into the store and spoke with me last summer. I don't think you were looking for me," I say, feeling myself become somewhat nostalgic.

"I wasn't really looking for you. But it was confusing. You are identical," Gabrielle replies with a yawn, her face blushing as she speaks.

"Well, at least you learned to tell us apart." I chuckle.

Gabrielle smiles but I can see her eyes beginning to close again. She snuggles further into the sofa while she says, "That was a dirty trick."

"That wasn't a trick, luv. Just awkward timing," I respond and move over on the sofa, allowing her to lie down.

"Bad timing…" she replies as she drifts off.

"Go to sleep, Gabs," I answer quietly.

"Love you, Fred," she whispers right before her breathing begins to even.

"He loves you too, Gabrielle," I reply as I brush a lock of hair away from her forehead and watch her sleep, hoping she is able to find a night of peaceful dreams.
12th-Aug-2007 02:41 am - Fears - 8/12/2002
“No, sir, ‘e still ‘as not checked ‘is messages,” the portly hotel clerk says as he huffs loudly while bending over into the fire.

“Can you go knock on his door, please? I’m his brother and I haven’t heard from him all day,” I reply while wishing I could reach through the flames and beat the bloody hell out of him.

“It eez late, sir,” he sneers and I realize I am wasting my time. He stands and backs away while giving me an oily smile, “Call tomorrow morning. Monsieur and some one will ‘elp you.”

“Bastard,” I mutter while pulling my face out of the fire before I stalk over to the sofa and plop down next to Cho.

“Could he be sick?” Cho asks while I place my head in my hands.

“He’d still call. He knows I need those projections for the Paris location,” I growl in reply but as Cho strokes my hair, I think she understands that deep down inside, I’m worried about Fred. He never misses a call or an appointment and no matter how much we enjoys mischief, he’s very conscientious about being on time and reliable. I’ve always been able to count on him and the fact that he’s missed several chances to communicate now has me beginning to worry.

I knew in the back of my mind that something was wrong when he missed his call this morning but I could understand that he might have gotten busy. But this afternoon, I started to feel queasy as I Firecalled Fred and he was not there. Yet, it was when the clock struck 2 a.m. and I was still on the sofa with Cho waiting for a call, I knew something was wrong.

“What are you going to do?” Cho asks and it’s as if she can read my mind. She kisses my head while she continues, “Should we start now or wait until morning?”

“I don’t know but something is not right and I can’t just sit here,” I answer while sitting up on the sofa.

“It’s only been a little more than twenty four hours since Fred called,” Cho tries to reason and I begin to anger but then I realize she’s just trying to help me. She’s trained for situations like this and I know she’s trying to help me remain calm.

“I know Fred. He wouldn’t miss a call unless something is wrong,” I respond while exhaling loudly.

“Maybe it’s time to call Gabrielle,” Cho says quietly while she shuffles her body around.

She leans over and kisses my ear before she continues, “You can call Fleur to find where she’s staying.”

Nodding, I stand before I walk over to the fireplace and kneel. Sticking my head into the flames, I yell out, “Fleur Delacour”.

The fire swirls and I feel my body stretch until my head pokes through into Bill and Fleur’s cottage. I swivel my head, staring around the small kitchen before I yell, “Fleur, I need to speak to you!”

I wait impatiently until I see the tall, wiry figure of my brother, Bill, his naked upper body criss-crossed with scars approach me. I am just about to speak when he hisses, “What the fuck are you doing calling so late, George?”

“I need to see Fleur,” I reply while trying to look around Bill.

“She’s asleep. You can call her tomorrow,” Bill whispers harshly before he pivots and begins to walk back to the bedroom.

“I think Fred is missing,” I call out and Bill spins around to face me again.

“What do you mean he’s missing?” Bill crouches down into the fire.

“He didn’t call today and I’m worried,” I answer quickly wishing he would just let me speak to Fleur.

“He probably got busy or went out to a tavern and missed calling you,” Bill offers but I can hear the tension in his voice.

“He would have called tonight and he wouldn’t go out to a tavern. He quit drinking and besides, Gabrielle isn’t with him,” I reply, trying to bite back my anger at Bill for not getting Fleur when I asked him. Leaning further into the flames, I say slowly, “I want to speak to Fleur so I try to get in touch with Gabrielle. All I know is that she’s in Spain with her mother.”

Bill nods while he screws up his face in concern and I wait for a moment before he says, “I’ll get Fleur.”

He readies himself to stand but before he can move, I see the long, willowy form of Fleur Delacour walking toward me. She runs her hand down Bill’s arm before she asks tentatively, “’ello George, why are you calling so late? Iz everything okay?”

“I think that Fred may be missing and I need to see if he’s been in touch with Gabrielle,” I reply with a tinge of desperation in my voice.

“Are you sure?” Fleur asks quietly.

“I just have a feeling,” I respond. Capturing Fleur’s blue eyes I plead, “Could you please tell me how to get in touch with Gabrielle?”

“Yes, of course. She and Mere are staying at ze ‘El Bohemio Real’…zey are in ze Grand Suite,” Fleur responds, her melodic voice soothing as she speaks to me.

“Thank you, Fleur,” I reply while beginning to pull my head out of the fire.

“Wait, George,” Bill’s voice causes me to pause. His brow furrows as he reaches his hand behind him and wraps it around Fleur’s waist while he says, “Please call us and keep us informed. I can get in touch with everyone.”

“We are ‘ere if you need us,” Fleur replies while covering Bill’s hand with hers.

I nod and smile while I pull my head from the flames before I feel Cho’s hand on my shoulder as she says, “Are you going to call Gabrielle?”

“Yes,” I say determinedly. I know there’s not a moment to waste and I have to get in touch with Gabrielle now.

Cho smiles before she leans over and kisses me on the forehead while she replies, “I need to prepare a few things, love. I think a Portkey may come in handy.”

Again, my head goes back into the flames and I hear Cho walk away before I say, “Gabrielle Delacour!!”

I feel my body pulled through the various Floos before I end up looking around Gabrielle’s spacious room. My eyes adjust to the dim lighting before I begin to scan the room.

“Fred,” I hear Gabrielle’s voice before I see her and my heart breaks when I recognize the relief in her voice.

I look over in the corner and see Gabrielle moving toward me excitedly. Sighing deeply, I brace myself for her disappointment before I reply, “No, Gabrielle. It’s George.”

“George…tell me Fred’s not hurt,” she begs as she slides to her knees in front of the fire. She smoothes her nightgown with her hands before she brings her blue yes to lock with mine.

“I don’t know,” I admit. Her eyes are red rimmed and I wonder if she’s been crying as I continue, “I haven’t heard from Fred and I was wondering if he called you.”

“He hasn’t called since two nights ago, George. He was supposed to call in the morning but he never did. I went out with Mere and I tried to get in touch with him when I came back,” Gabrielle’s eyes begin to moisten. She wipes away a single tear before she adds, “I’ve been here all night waiting. Goddess, I’m worried…”

“I’ve called the hotel and left messages but he hadn’t picked them up,” I say quietly, trying to figure out my next move.

“I’m coming home. I can’t stand this,” Gabrielle’s hands form into fists while she stands.

I watch her walk over to her bed and close a suitcase and it seems obvious she’s already packed and ready to go. She walks out of my vision and I wonder if I should leave when

she walks back into my sight and I see that she is fully dressed. Gabrielle crouches down again and says calmly, “I need to tell Mere I am leaving and then I’m going to use the Portkey to come home that Cho gave me for emergencies.”

I smile wanly at her comment. Cho charmed Gabrielle, Fred and I a highly illegal but useful Portkey device as a late Christmas gift and I’m glad to see that it is coming in handy but I wish it were under different circumstances.

“I’m going to the hotel Fred was staying at to look around but I wanted you to see if you wanted to come with me,” I answer.

“Thanks, George. I’m going to tell Mere and then drop by Zonko’s to see if he left a note. Then I’ll be over to your place,” Gabrielle replies and stands up.

“I’ll just meet you at Zonko’s,” I answer while trying to digest Gabrielle’s itinerary.

Preparing to pull my head out of the fire again, I say, “We’ll find him, Gabs. I told Bill and Fleur, so I’m sure they’ll gather everyone. We have lots of help.”

“We’re going to find him,” Gabrielle repeats my words. She begins to turn away from me before she smiles knowingly, “I know he’s still alive.”

Nodding at her assertion, I want to ask how she can be so certain but I realize that we’re both anxious to find Fred. I watch her walk out of the room before I sit back and stand. I need to get ready, explain what we’re doing to Cho and go to Zonko’s until Gabrielle arrives because every moment we wait is another moment Fred is still in danger.
2nd-Aug-2007 09:00 am - A New Employee - 8/2/2002
“Now, repeat that again, please?” Fred asks incredulously as we walk back to Wheeze’s “after enjoying a ploughman’s lunch at the Leaky.

“I hired Penelope Clearwater,” I reply while shoving my hands in the pocket of my robes.

“You mean the Penelope Clearwater who harassed us through her reign of terror as Head Girl?” Fred sputters as move past a couple on the street.

“Yes, the one who was also engaged to our brother,” I answer calmly while watching the paving stones seemingly meander by beneath my feet.

“And left him before he died,” Fred replies defensively. He’d taken the death of Percy the hardest out of any of us it seems when it happened which was strange considering that the two of us and Percy were at odds most of the time. But the bottom line is that it still affects him.

“You don’t know that, Fred. You just have your half-arsed theories,” I snap back at him.

“I think she should have been there for him,” Fred responds as he picks up his pace.

“I agree but maybe Percy was too far gone by that time and left her no choice,” I retort through gritted teeth, trying to maintain my calm.

“He redeemed himself in the end. He saved Harry and Ron,” he answers while we round the curve and Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes comes into view.

“Percy wouldn’t have had to redeem himself if he hadn’t let himself get tangled up with Voldemort in the first place,” I state plainly while I turn toward him

A woman gasps and I see her cover her child’s ears at the mention of the Dark Lord’s name. But I don’t have time to wonder at her reaction as I watch Fred pivot and spread his legs widely before he replies, “He gave his life, George. Don’t talk about him that way.”

“I know that, Fred and I live with it every day, just like you.” I answer quietly. Chuckling, I shake my head as I add, “I think she was wrong but I can’t blame Penelope totally though. You know he was a right bastard before Voldie came around. Can’t imagine what he was like after”

His face screws up in anger for a moment before he finally relaxes and says, “The only reason you’re defending her is that you were crushed out on Penelope Clearwater at Hogwarts.”

“I hadn’t even thought about that,” I reply in astonishment, my mind thinking back to Hogwarts and the little crush I might have had on Penny before Percy got a hold of her. I breathe a sigh of relief as I continue, “That was a long time ago and she needs help. She just moved back into the country after getting divorced Mum told me.”

“So her and that Ministry bloke ended it?” Fred asks and I can sense his curiosity.

“I don’t know much about it but I know Mum wouldn’t have asked if Penny didn’t really need our help,” I reply while turning back toward the store. Swiveling my head, I glance at Fred standing behind me while I say, “She’s waiting at the store now. We should speak to her at least.”

Fred smirks while he begins to saunter after me. He begins to whistle softly before he asks almost innocently, “Did you tell her what she’d be doing?”

“Well, I said some type of administrative capacity but not her job duties,” I answer hesitantly as Fred catches up with me. “What do you have in mind?”

“Nothing too bad.” Fred reassures me.

“This isn’t about revenge for Percy now?” I ask sharply. “Because we can’t do that to our employees, no matter how much we may dislike them.”

“It’s not about that. Truthfully, I may not like her much or the way she handled herself with Percy and I definitely don’t have fond memories of all the detentions we served because of her,” Fred answers as he turns toward me. “But I think that it’s more important that she’s the right fit for the job and she can start by taking on the cave.”

Fred smiles mischievously and I begin to think. Actually his idea is not too bad and cleaning the cave is something that needs to be done. Plus it’s a good proving ground…and it is a bit of a payback for all the times we polished the trophies in the trophy room at Hogwarts for her.

We enter the store and glancing around, I see Penelope standing near the front counter speaking with Michael, one of my employees. As she turns toward us and smiles, I note that she looks different from her time with Percy. Her eyes still seem to be filled with that fire and determination she always had and her smile still is mesmerizing. But there seems to be an edge to her and a bit of a hardness that wasn’t there before.

“Hello, Penelope.” Fred grins widely and takes her hand. He leads her into my office and we each take a seat, Fred sitting off to the side of my desk before he continues, “I hear you’d like a job with us.”

“Well, your mother coerced George into hiring me but I’d understand if you want to look elsewhere.” She smiles as she smooth down the skirt of her gray business suit while she adjusts herself in her chair.

“We are looking for help, Penny so this isn’t a pity case.” I reply while leaning on my desk.

“As Mum said, we are looking for people for our corporate office. We should have eight stores by the end of this year and we’re trying to centralize our operations.”

“I worked at the Ministry for two years as an administrative assistant to Italian attaché. So, I’ve done a number of tasks when it comes to coordination and office management.” Penny replies evenly.

“We don’t really have an idea of our management structure yet or if we’ll have that position but we are interested,” Fred responds and scribbles a note which I look at over his shoulder. “But we’d like to know a bit more about you, Penny.”

I scowl as I read the words:

start out as a store clerk?

I watch as she takes a deep breath and replies, “I don’t have much to tell. After Percy, I transferred to Italy and met a man there. Unfortunately it didn’t work and I become homesick, so here I am back in England.”

Listening to her, I take my quill and write out the words,

Give her a chance.

Penny smiles as I lean forward on the desk and reply, “Why didn’t you transfer back to the British Ministry?

“There weren’t any openings which suited me for next six months and I wanted to come home,” she replies and I wonder why she’d leave so abruptly.

“So if we hire you, will you jump back to the Ministry when the first opening comes up?”

Fred inquires, a bit accusingly.

“No, I’m actually looking to leave the Ministry. I need to make more money.” Penny answers. She takes another deep breath to steel herself before she states, “I have a baby and I need to increase my income. But I don’t want that to play a part in my hiring.”

Her eyes cast to the floor before she lifts her chin and continues, “When your Mum first told George I needed a job, I was mortified. But when she told me all the things you two were doing, I reckoned that I could start out on the ground floor here of something new and exciting. I need that in my life.”

At her words, Fred scrawls on his parchment and turns it toward me innocuously.

I read his jottings and grin inwardly.

“It’s to the cave with her.”

I tear off my piece of parchment and write down a figure that I think would make a decent salary for her. After showing it to Fred to get him approval, I slide it across the table to Penny.

Her eyes widen when she sees our offer but her features quickly become unreadable as she responds, “It’s a very generous salary but I think you’re doing it because I have a baby and I can’t accept that.”

“No, we’re doing it because we need experienced people and you’ll be earning every Knut of your salary.” I smile in return as I tent my fingers in front of me.

“Besides, you don’t even know what we have planned for you yet,” Fred says immediately after I’m done speaking and I see the glint of humor in his eyes. “But first, do you want the job?”

“I think I do. It’ll be a challenge. Yes, I accept your offer,” Penny replies and I can hear the relief in her voice. Reaching across the desk, I offer my hand and she shakes it before she asks hesitantly, “What exactly are my duties?"

Fred stands and moves over toward her before he replies, “I don’t think we really know, Penny. But I can tell you that you might want to dress a bit more casual when you come into work tomorrow. We’re going to introduce you to the ‘cave’.”

Fred smiles widely but when I glance at Penelope, I can see the apprehension in her eyes before she nods quietly. I move around the desk as she stands and shakes both our hands. She then walks toward the door before she turns and asks, “Can you tell me what the cave is at least?”

“That would just spoil the surprise,” Fred answers. “But I can tell you that it’ll be much more fun than polishing trophies.”

Penny stares at us, confusion on her features before she grins nervously and walks out the door.
27th-Jul-2006 06:06 pm - Whizzy's Desk NC 17 for Adult Content
Standing anxiously on the corner waiting for Cho to show up from her appointment with Quan Do isn’t one of my favorite activities. First of all, I wish I had been there with Cho but I had to meet with contractors about our new corporate offices and this was the only time I could arrange. Second, I’m always nervous about what Quan Do will scribe in his bowl about Cho’s parents. So far, the news has been mixed. Although it seemed that Cho’s mother did not get any worse, it did not look like she was getting any better either.

But I wanted to see her and I invited her to tour the office building with me after her meeting. I’m excited to share this with her and I hope things have gone well with Do so that she will be able to see our offices without too much on her mind.

“George!” I hear Cho’s voice call out to me and I turn quickly as she launches herself into my arms.

Her smile immediately tells me that things are okay with her parents but I still ask, “How are things going?”

“I saw Mami and Baba in a village talking to someone. Once they were done, they hugged afterwards and I saw Mami smile. She looked better than the last time,” Cho answers. She kisses me before she continues, “Mr. Do let me watch for a while and I saw them holding hands all the way back to their hut. They looked happy together.”

Her grin is infectious and I can’t help but return her smile as I put my arm around her and lead her out of the evening twilight into the newly dubbed, ‘WWW’s Tower at Michael’s Corner’. I’m almost dragging her into the building in my excitement and after we make our way through the glass front doors, I say proudly, “Welcome to our new Corporate home, love.”

“It’s big, George.” Cho’s eyes widen as we walk into the lobby.

Pulling her to me, I sweep my hand in front of me while I reply, “We’ve got to start thinking like a corporation instead of one little store.”

Smiling with pride at my statement, I look around the lobby and see the improvements that have been made already. The floor now is covered by tile while the walls have a rich oak paneling. I can’t believe that Fred and I have come this far from our meager beginnings in our Diagon Alley location.

No one believed in us then. We were alone and called fools but we persevered. We’re successful beyond our wildest dreams and now we have aspirations to do so much more than we had even thought about just a year ago.

Of course, our former partner, Whizzy Worthington was the one who helped us to think on a larger scale than we had previously. It led us to expand aggressively into Europe and to look into a corporate office. But now, Whizzy has left us and its up to Fred and me to make sure we keep the broom afloat. Even though we are overextended now, we still need to finish what we started.

“It’s so professional,” Cho responds in awe as she glances around. She walks up to the lobby desk and asks, “Are you going to hire some big breasted floosie to man this desk?”

“No, I’m saving that for the receptionist’s desk in our office.” I smirk, earning me at solid punch in the arm from my fiancée. Cho scowls slightly at me before I inquire, “Speaking of upstairs, how’d you like to see our offices?”

“Lead the way,” Cho answers enthusiastically as she wraps her arm around mine and we walk toward the lifts.

Taking the one on the left this time, I feel Cho’s arm grip me tighter as the lift lurches into action. It begins its slow climb up while bumping and groaning away. We are both silent until we reach the top floor and each of us springs out of the lift, thankful to be alive.

Looking at the offending deathtrap, I snigger, “I think I need to remember to get that fixed.”

“I think that might be a good idea.” Cho giggles in response.

I usher her quickly past the receptionist’s desk and through the far door which leads into our office suite. We walk over to the my office which still sits unfurnished but Cho wanders into the middle of the room as I say, “It’s a pretty large space and has a great view.”

Cho walks over to the bay window and looks out before she comments, “Quite a view you have here, Mr. Weasley.”

She saunters over to me slowly, her hips swinging seductively but when she puts her arms around my neck, I say, “I have so much more to show you.”

Disappointment fills her features but I take her hand and lead her out of the office. I show her Fred’s space which is identical to mine and the bare conference room. She nods appreciatively at each room before we make our way over to the last office in the suite.

Opening the door, I make my way inside and snicker. “Welcome to Whizzy’s office.”

Cho looks around and grins. “It figures that Whizzy would have the only fully furnished office and I thought you said he doesn’t even work here.”

I have to say that the office does look wonderful. Whizzy took the antique furniture that was here already and adding a rich wood paneling to the walls along with replacing the carpeting. Walking over to the desk, I run my hand along the edge of his desk while I say, “It’s a handcarved Mahogany desk with an oak burl edging made by the finest craftsmen that England had to offer in the last 19th century.”

Cho tilts her head in curiosity before she asks, “How did you know that?”

“Whizzy told me about it before he left. He pleaded with us for the desk before he left and we decided to give it to him for services rendered,” I answer while watch Cho move over and lean against the desk.

I saunter over to her before I curve my arms around her waist and lean in to kiss her. She moans when my lips touch hers before I run my tongue along the inside of her mouth. But Cho pushes me away as she grazes her hands along my chest and her eyes meet mine.

“George, I’m not sure this is right,” Cho sighs as I brush my lips against the delicate skin of her neck.

“It’s perfectly fine love,” I murmur softly, keeping my voice low as my hands skim down her arms, pushing the straps of her summer dress down her shoulders.

“This is Whizzy’s desk,” Cho points out but she tilts her head backward, allowing me to run my tongue along the column of her throat.

I smile in appreciation as I drag the dress down her body, exposing her firm breasts. Leaning down, I take one of her nipples between my teeth, rolling it gently against my tongue as I whisper, “I don’t think Whizzy will mind if we break it in for him.”

“I don’t either,” Cho gasps as I reach under her skirt and slide my hand inside her knickers.

When my fingers find her clit, Cho moans her response and I swirl my fingers around her sensitive nub while I say, “You’re beautiful, Cho.”

We stay like that for a moment and I find myself mesmerized as I stare into her heavily lidded eyes, watching the passion haze over her features. I feel her hands reach down though, fumbling for my zipper and when she finds it, my trousers fall down my thighs as
she pulls my erection free.

“I need you,” Cho replies, the need evident in her voice as she reaches down and pulls my hand away from her clit. She quickly shimmies out of her knickers before she pushes herself up on the desk and props herself on her elbows.

The brown of Cho’s orbs swirl with desire, inviting me to her and when she licks her bottom lip slowly, I feel my cock twitch slowly in anticipation as I approach her.

I brace myself as I pull her bottom off the desk slightly and I growl softly before I thrust my hips forward and sink my length into her. Cho throws her head back at my invasion and I push forward until I am fully seated within her as I reply, “I need you too.”
8th-Jul-2006 08:39 am - A Step Up
A “Well, here it is, boys. What do you think?” Whizzy bellows as we walk into the spacious lobby of a nameless abandoned building in Michael’s Corner. He has dragged Fred and I here for some reason when all I want to do is be at home with Cho.

“I think that it’s a dusty shitehole,” Fred replies when a mouse scurries across the room. “But if I had my wand, I could be enjoying some good target practice.”

“You are not thinking outside the cauldron, Fred,” Whizzy answers smugly before he stands in the middle of the lobby and holds his arms up above his head.

“It’s a great space but we already have a Wheezes here in England,” I say with a discerning eye. The lobby seems to be a bit oversized for a store but with some modifications, it might make sense. But when I take in the fact that this is a four story building, I don’t see how feasible this place would be to convert into a store.

“It is not a store property. I thought it would be a perfect spot for your new corporate office.” Whizzy’s features are deadpan as he makes his statement and for a moment, I wait for him to break into a smile as he announces that this is a joke.

“You can’t be serious, Whizzy. We’re a few small stores. We don’t need all this space. Besides, we have our offices,” Fred responds quickly, a hint of surprise in his voice.

“Correction, you were a few small stores but you are just about to open your fifth branch and there are contracts out for three more branches before the end of the year. That is no small operation and it is time to start thinking globally,” Whiz answers and I can almost see the wheels turning in his head. “I have seen your offices at Zonko’s and Wheezes and I don’t know how you survive there. There is parchment stacked to the ceiling.”

“I see your point, Whizzy but we can’t afford this building,” I interject but my mind is whirling with the possibilities.

“It is cheap though. It is just under thirty thousand Galleons and that is bargain for a building in as fine shape as this one.” Whizzy smiles as he wanders toward the two lifts in the back of the lobby.

“That’s not what I’d call cheap, Worthington.” I nearly choke as he recites the price.

I glance over at Fred who shrugs his shoulders before he shoves his hands into the pockets of his robe and follows Whizzy.

We enter the lift and it begins to rise with a jolt. Twining my fingers in the grate, I watch Fred pinwheel his arms for a moment before he says, “I think that the lifts may need a bit of work.”

The lift sways a bit as it rises creakily until we finally reach the top floor. Whizzy opens the door and stands to the side as he sweeps his arm out, ushering us into a large hallway with a set of double doors at the end.

Whizzy steps ahead of us and walks to the door, throwing them open as he says grandly, “Gentlemen, these are your new offices.”

Fred and I walk in and find the office space to be in surprisingly good shape. The white walls seem to be freshly painted and the tile floors are freshly waxed. Two hallways spiral off the main lobby and a heavy oak door stands behind the receptionist’s desk.

I look around and see Fred stroll over to the hallway on the left. He counts the doors and comments, “Well, George, I’ll take this hallway. There’s an office for each day of the week and extra one to nap in during tea time.”

“Don’t you think this may be a little too big, Whizzy?” I grin while I look down the other matching hallway.

“Come now. The space may be a bit large now but as you increase the number of Wheezes stores, you will be rapidly filling up these offices,” Whizzy replies and walks behind the receptionist’s desk. He opens the door there while he continues, “The best part is right here. These are your offices.”

Fred and I move over to Whizzy and peek around him. The doors open onto another smaller lobby with five doors surrounding the reception area. The three of us move toward one of the offices and this time Fred doesn’t wait for Whizzy to open the door. He gasps loudly as he looks into the office and immediately notices a large bay window that looks to be magically enhanced to show a serene forest scene.

I watch my brother stare around in wonder before he says, “I call dibs on this one.”

Whizzy laughs before he answers, “I think that the space is perfect. The two of you need to start thinking on a grander scale. Your business has become too much for you to handle. You can start by hiring a few key people in marketing, accounting, research, product development, mail order sales for the Wicked and Wonder lines. Then I think you will find that productivity will increase.”

“It’s still too big, Whizzy,” I repeat while I walk over to the other office and look in, seeing the same setup as the one Fred has claimed. “There are two other floors.”

“You can rent them out to other businesses until we need them and Merlin knows we will need them soon,” Whizzy answers while he claps Fred on the back. “The rent on the two floors below could five hundred Galleons a month, so you could make up your cost in a little over two years. Plus, there is a large basement that would convert perfectly into a laboratory for research and a storage facility here. Really boys, you need this.”

“It still needs some work, Whizzy,” Fred comments cautiously while he walks over toward the office I’m standing in front.

“The lobby needs to be remodeled but I can have that done in a few weeks and then the building will be ready for you.” Whizzy’s eyes light up with a rare enthusiasm as he speaks.

“I suppose you’d want one of the inner offices,” Glancing over at Whizzy, I watch him smile sheepishly.

“The thought had crossed my mind,” he replies and crosses over to a far office. He opens the door and the room is slightly smaller than the ones he showed us but it is completely furnished including a large, mahogany desk and a leather sofa with matching chairs.

“So why are the upper floors in such good shape?” Fred arches an eyebrow before he steps into the office Whizzy has claimed.

“Well, the previous owner went belly up midway through the remodel and a friend of mine purchased the place. He Owled me about it and I wanted to get the deal done before I went to Rome,” Whizzy states as he walks around and sits behind his desk. Fred and I move to occupy the two leather chairs in front of his desk while he continues, “The furniture here came as part of the deal. It was in your office, George but I knew you would want to find your own.”

He props his feet on the desk while Fred scowls at him. But I can see under Fred’s little fit of mock anger, he doesn’t mind and soon, a smile flits across his features while he says, “Since you did such a nice job finding this place, I suspect we will allow you to keep the furniture. Do you agree, dear brother?”

I bring my forefinger to my chin and tap it in a pose of deep concentration although all I’m really thinking about is me and Cho shagging on Whizzy’s desk and the joy of that payback. But after a moment, I smile while I say, “I agree with Fred. I think the building is a good idea. Let’s bargain a bit more, get a chit made up and buy our new corporate office.”

“Well, I believe the owners are downstairs now. We can run down and meet them,” Whizzy replies before he grins widely and shakes our hands. He walks purposefully past us while he adds, “Stay for a moment and look around. I will bring them up to sign the papers.”

“Were you thinking about how many new places you and Cho could shag here, Georgie? Because that’s all I could imagine when we walked in here. Gabs and I are going to have some fun for the next few months.” Fred claps me on the shoulder as we hear the lift creak while it begins its descent.

I smile as I rise out of my chair while I reply, “As long as Cho and I have first dibs for shagging on Whizzy’s desk, I’ll be perfectly fine.”
“Merlin, woman,” I exclaim as Cho’s mouth continues to move along my length. Her hand begins to slide along the base of my erection while I buck my hips. But I hold back, trying to hold off my impending orgasm until I reach down and cup her chin, forcing her mouth to release me while I say, “Not yet, Cho-love.”

She reluctantly allows me to slip past her lips as she lifts her head and smirks, “You never let me finish.”

“Wouldn’t be as much fun for the both of us,” I grin while helping her stand before I shimmy her shorts down her legs finding once more that she has gone knickerless.

Smiling, I lift her up by the hips and plop her unceremoniously onto my lap. Removing my t-shirt, I feel her wetness spread across my thighs before I brush my tongue against her taut nipple, letting it dance across the pallet that is her body. I savor her taste, wanting more as I drag my lips across her chest, flicking my tongue out against the underside of her firm breasts.

“It’s much better this way,” Cho replies dreamily when I lift her up, holding her over my erect cock while I allow the tip to slide into her ever so slightly. She tries to force herself down upon my length but I hold her in place, hearing her groan of frustration before I thrust my hips up violently, impaling her on my hardness in one smooth stroke. Cho shudders, her body convulsing as she tries to accept my intrusion while she moans, “Fuck, George.”

“I am, love,” I respond through gritted teeth, her walls contracting around my length, and the suddenly overwhelming sensation of the heat from her cunt nearly causing me to lose control. But I breathe deeply, waiting for the momentary sense of the need for my completion to wash away.

Cho moves, her lithe form rising gracefully up my length, her inner muscles seemingly gripping every square millimeter of my cock as she reaches the pinnacle. The tip of my erection threatens to slide out of her before she slams herself down, her sudden scream cutting through the air as she cries out, “Fuck me.”

I begin to stab into her relentlessly, the staccato rhythm intoxicating as the sound of our bodies in disharmonious union careens off the walls. My fingers dig into her hips, surely bruising her as her hands lace around back, holding herself against me.

“Amazing, Cho,” I answer through my lust-addled brain while my hand slides between our bodies, skimming down her abdomen until I find her clit. She hisses when I touch her nub, my fingers spinning over her sensitive flesh.

“George,” she moans pitifully, her body reacting almost instantly to the play of my fingers as I feel her thighs grip around me. Cho’s almond shaped eyes snap open, the caramel brown swirling with lust as she utters, “I’m so close…Goddess…”

“You’re there, love. Let it go,” I urge while I drive my cock into Cho. I watch her nod her agreement before she closes her eyes again, surely climbing to the summit

My fingers massage her clit incessantly until a tumultuous tremor travels down her spine as her body gives in to the onslaught of her orgasm. Cho moans loudly as her cunt grips my cock mercilessly before she twitters, “I love you, George.”

I continue to pummel Cho as her cunt contracts around me, her body still awash in her pleasure. Her eyes seemingly convey all her desire, her ecstasy, and her love to me and I find myself mesmerized by her beauty, holding still as I watch her.

My own need begins to build, the haze of my impending release clouding my vision. I breathe in deeply, taking in the aroma of our lovemaking, the salty tang in the air, the familiar scent of jasmine, the heady musk of our passion intermixed. I try to hold back, my teeth gnashing together as I try to concentrate on anything which will help to stop the unyielding tide.

But I surrender to my elation, careening over the edge as my body tenses before I feel my completion devour me. I drive my cock with an unrelenting fervor into Cho, feeling her nails dig furrows into my back as she clings to me. My hands pull her body down on me and I drive my hips upward until I am buried deep within Cho and I spill inside her while I growl, “Bloody fucking perfect.”

My thrusts grow shallower until my need is slaked and I finally stop my movement. I wrap my arms around Cho and hug her to me, before I take my hand and push her damp ebony hair away from her forehead. Leaning forward I kiss her lazily before she murmurs against my lips, “I know I am perfect, George.”

My hand rises and I bring it down against her bottom. She yelps loudly, her inner walls tightening around my flagging erection. She pulls away from me, her eyes showing her astonishment as I grin, “Just keeping you humble, love. Sometimes you Ravenclaws can be a bit full of yourselves.”

Cho slides her body off of me and sits on the sofa before she crosses her arms and replies stormily, “Full of myself…I think I may be pleasing myself for a while.”

“Don’t be like that, Wonton. A little harmless slap and tickle never hurt anyone,” I argue, pushing Cho over until I’m lying on top of her.

“I am still hurt,” Cho replies stormily but I can see from the glint in her eyes that she isn’t too angry with me. I brush my lips against her throat while she continues, “But I think that you fixing me dinner might make me forgive you more quickly.”

“Okay then,” I jump up, slapping my hands together in excitement. I lean down and kiss her on the cheek before I jest, “You have your choice, bangers and mash or mash and bangers.”

Cho sits up, brushing her hair over her shoulder while she answers, “I think I might go on and make us something.”

“I’ve got a better idea. I’ll fix up some lovely rabbit food and you rest up,” I counter while I begin to walk to the kitchen. Turning around, I see Cho stare at me incredulously before I continue, “Prop up your feet, take it easy because I promise you love…you’re going to need your energy later.”
20th-Jun-2006 02:41 pm - "All Bets Are In" June 20th
“Look at it, Cho…take a look,” I say breathlessly while I burst into Cho’s office and toss my NEWT scores on her desk.

She opens the envelope and grins as she turns around in her chair before she leaps into my arms and screams, “You did it, George!”

“Did you have any doubts?” I reply smugly while I lift her off the floor. I kiss Cho tenderly, savoring the moment of my victory. I received the scores by Hogwarts Owl a few hours ago and I was going to wait until she came home to open them. But I couldn’t wait and ripped it open and whooped loudly when I saw that I had passed all seven NEWTS.

“How did Fred do, love?” Cho asks excitedly.

“Fred passed with flying colors and then some. I’m going to McGonagall’s after the term is done and get the damn ban lifted,” I nearly squeal with excitement. I immediately Firecalled Fred after I saw my scores. When he answered my call naked, flushed and with a wide smile splitting his face, I knew that he and Gabrielle had probably done very well also.

“I’m so happy for you,” Cho murmurs against my chest.

“Um, we can leave if you two want,” I blink in surprise as I notice Campbell Bullfinch and Parker Chestnut, Cho’s workmates sitting at their desks for the first time.

Parker chuckles at Campbell’s comment and sits forward in his desk. He tents his hands before he comments, “Congratulations, George. I won five Galleons from Campbell here on you. He swore you wouldn’t get more than three NEWTs.”

“Bullfinch, how could you bet against George twice,” Cho winks at him as she steps away from me..

She walks over to him and pokes a finger in his chest. Bullfinch shrinks away and puts his hands up in surrender before he says, “I’m sorry, Chang. Just don’t put me in that damnable fountain again.”

“I believe she put you in there naked,” Parker replies haughtily.

“You too…you wanker,” Bullfinch growls.

Cho laughs at the sudden memory of her encounter with Bullfinch and Chestnut that made me make sure I stayed on her good side. She saunters over next to me again and wraps her arm in mine before she smiles, “You know he did get all seven. That means both of you owe me.”

“Owe you what?” I inquire while tilting my head down toward her.
“You wouldn’t want us to tell the details would you, luv?” Campbell asks while standing up, hitching his trousers around his rather large stomach.

“Yes, that wouldn’t be good for the fiancée to learn now,” Parker suggests while moving around to join his equally rotund friend.

“What were you showing…tits or arse?” I glance over at Cho and hear the two men groan in defeat.

“Tits, love…the bet was that I’d flash them for twenty seconds if you got less than seven NEWTs or they would play ‘Doll Dress Up Day’ for me if you got them all,” Cho answers me with a smirk plastered on her features.

“You missed out, boys. They really are spectacular,” I say with a shake of my head.

“I knew you’d come through for me, love,” she kisses me on the cheek. Cho turns to her Chestnut and Bullfinch before pulling out her wand and tapping it against her chin.

“Please, Chang, the fountain was bad enough,” Chestnut pleads but I can hear in his tone that he understands that his begging will do no good.

Cho takes her wand and flicks it twice, muttering a spell over each man before their suits are suddenly transformed into flowery dresses. I guffaw as Bullfinch almost falls backward in his new heels while Chestnut moans as he tries to take his bonnet off his head. Bullfinch waddles over to the mirror and gasps in horror at the gaudy makeup on his face including pink rouge and bright red lipstick. Cho puts down her wand and chuckles, “It’s only until you walk out of the building, then everything changes back.”

“I have a reputation to protect, Chang,” Bullfinch answers her and sits in his chair indignantly.

“We’ll just stay here all night,” Chestnut trips on his way to his desk, almost falling face first into his chair.

“Well, you both know what today is, don’t you?” Cho asks innocently.

Bullfinch sits up and grips the edges of his chair, his knuckles turning white as he gasps, “You can’t make us go.”

“Twenty Galleons, Chang and I’ll cover three shifts for you,” Chestnut tries to negotiate after he finally figures out what his chubby friend deduced a moment ago.

“No, Moody asked specifically for you two to do the training for the new Aurors. So you can either run outside and change back or go like that. You have ten minutes to decide,” Cho snickers while Bullfinch and Chestnut turn and face each other.

“What the bloody hell?” Bullfinch asks his partner.

“I say we take a run for it. It’s a damn sight better than Moody and his eye checking us out,” Chestnut answers. “I think Chang gave me a thong.”

“Let’s get it out of the way then,” Bullfinch scowls and stalks toward the door with Chestnut in tow. He opens the door and hesitates before glaring at Cho.

“Seven minutes and you know how much Moody hates when you’re late,” she says while sweeping her hands away from her body to shoo them along.

“We’re going to pay you back,” Chestnut grins wickedly.

“We can’t do that. This is a bet, mate,” Bullfinch says solemnly.

“Right,” Chestnut answers dejectedly and I begin to laugh at their odd code of conduct.

“It’s time to go,” Bullfinch nods before they both take off out the door.

I watch as they try to make their way through the crowd in the hall as both of their dresses change back to their suits yet Bullfinch and Chestnut don’t seem to notice that they’ve changed back to normal. Each still tries to cover themselves up and Bullfinch almost breaks an ankle as he tries to get on the lift. When they are out-of-sight, I grin slyly, “You dropped the transformation spell and put a confusion spell on them. I’m impressed.”

“I learned from the best, George,” Cho answers before she casts a charm on the door and I see it close before a small 'snick' sounds, announcing that it is locked also.

“I did a fine job teaching you,” I reply before Cho steps away.

She walks seductively over to her desk and I watch in fascination as she begins to untuck her white blouse. Her shirt soon falls off, revealing her slim back before she turns around and says, “Those two won’t be back for an hour, love. Is there anything else you’d like to teach me?”
12th-Jun-2006 02:53 pm - Done June 12
Two of a Kind
“So, it’s over,” Cho asks as I wearily slump down on a bench next to her after I leave the Great Hall when I finished my final NEWT. I’m surprised to see her but exhaustion from the last few nights of studying late has taken its toll. I was stunned to see Fred finish so quickly and he seemed quite chipper when he left as he mouthed to me that he would Firecall after a bit. Surely, he and Gabs have some celebrating to do now.

“Yes,” I kiss her on the forehead while I drop my knapsack to the floor. She takes my hand as I smile wanly, “Thanks for coming down to see me.”

“I wanted to see how you think you did,” Cho replies while we stand and make our way down the hall.

“I think I did alright and Fred looked happy,” I answer as we meander down the hall.

“I’m glad you did well. Now, maybe we can get that stupid ban lifted,” Cho smiles and squeezes my hand. She glances to the right and adds, “I haven’t been here in forever except to go to the library with you, George. That’s the hall that leads to the stairs to the Ravenclaw Tower.”

“Right and three halls down is the quickest way to the Gryffindor common room,” I point out. My thoughts drift back to school before I continue, “It’s amazing how long ago I was here as a student and it took until now to finally finish.”

“I’m proud of you, George,” Cho leans her head on my shoulder while we continue to move down the corridor.

We end up in a large knot of students during a class change and I chuckle when I hear a boy from one of the groups comment, “Merlin, I just saw that blighter with Gabrielle Delacour and now he’s with that gorgeous bird. What the hell does he have over me?”

“I’d say he’s better looking and rich,” one of his friends comments.

“Whatever it is, it’s just not fair,” another bloke moans and I try to stifle my laugh.

Cho and I begin to move again before she leans over and asks, “You’re not going to make some smart arse comment?”

“No reason, if they had thrown in extremely well-hung, they would have been spot on with all of it,” I answer while we open the doors and leave the castle.

“They think you’re Fred,” Cho replies as she swings my arm while we walk.

“I know, makes us look even mythical. I mean a hot Asian girl and a young blond...life doesn’t get any better for the twins or in this case Fred,” I grin devilishly while basking in the sunlight after days in that dreary castle.

“Speaking of which, where is your brother?” Cho inquires.

“He finished before me and told me he would call. I swear to Circe that Fred and Gabrielle are the only couple that can keep up with us in the shagging department. They’re like Kneazles,” I glance over at Cho while making my admission.

Cho thinks for a moment before she finally answers, “I don’t know, George, we’re pretty rabid.”

“I know, love, but Gabrielle is just coming into her own now. You’re older, maybe a bit over the hill,” I chide while before I step away from Cho, hopefully removing myself from any type of lethal flying fists or feet.

Cho scowls and I wince a bit before she calms down and answers, “Ah, I think you may be right, love. I mean I need my recuperation time, so maybe once every few weeks would be better than at least twice every night.”

“Let’s be reasonable, love,” I reply piteously as Cho begins to quicken her pace toward the front gate.

“Well, on our way upstairs, you can pick up one of those lotions that are ‘for his needs’,” she remarks as I catch up with her.

“Now, lotions don’t work very well for a man with my vast needs, Cho. Besides, I could bankrupt us if you cut me off like that,” I plead.

She turns as we walk through the gates and says, “Well then Mr. Weasley, I believe you had better come up with an apology for your ‘old lady’. I mean, I may be older than Gabrielle but my feelings can still be hurt.”

“You know I didn’t mean it, Won Ton. You’re amazing in bed. I can’t get enough of you. You’re a brilliant shag,” I answer while I pull her to the side of the gate.

“I still didn’t hear the magic words, George,” Cho smirks as I pull her close to me.

“I’m sorry, love. Ill advised joke and you know I didn’t mean it,” I reply quickly, trying to cover my tracks.

Cho kisses me on the cheek after my apology before she smiles, “Well apology accepted and let’s go home so I can show you how an old lady can celebrate.”
“Hullo, love,” I call out happily while sitting on our sofa as my lovely fiancee opens the front door. It’s been a harrowing day at Wheezes. First George the second Owled in sick and I had to mind the counter all day long which I don’t mind except I had a lot of ordering I needed to get done.

“George, put some clothes on!” Cho yells as she walks in and I shrug while wondering why she’s so upset at my appearance.

“I have boxers on, love. No worries,” I grin in amusement while reaching my hand down and unobtrusively trying to scratch my crotch.

“It’s not that, George. You’re getting fat,” she shakes her head while I stare at her in surprise.

“I mean I might have packed on a kilogram or ten since we’ve become a couple but it’s your fault with all the good loving and good eating,” I reply indignantly.

“Don’t blame me, Mr. Weasley,” she responds while quirking an eyebrow before she strides over and grabs a hold of the slight jelly roll on my side.

I squeak my surprise while I jump away from her. Groaning my displeasure, I say in my most perturbed voice, “Some women appreciate my bit of paunch.”

“Well, I’m not one of them. I want the George back who broke my nose and screwed my brains out three times that night,” Cho stands and shakes her head as I stare at her lithe, athletic body. “Merlin, I’m starting to worry about your health.”

It does seem that Cho has gotten even more beautiful since we met but I believe that is due to her almost obsessive attention to her workout routine that she performs every day after she finishes at work.

“I did only have one lunch today, Cho. Does that count as healthy?” I grin but I see that Cho is not in the mood by the deepening scowl on her features.

“Come on now, we’re going jogging,” she answers and by the commanding tone of her voice, I know she means it.

Still, braving the elements does not sound too fun when we could be getting ready for dinner. I try to gather her in my arms while I complain, “I don’t want to waste all my energy running and only be able to have sex once or twice tonight. Besides, we have so many different ways to travel...Portkeys, Apparating, and Brooms. Why bother with all that sweating and smell?”

“Because if you want to continue to get sweaty and smelly between the sheets, you had better begin to get your arse in better shape, love,” Cho answers while poking her delicate yet very strong finger into my chest.

She walks by me and I reluctantly follow her into the bedroom before we begin to change clothes. I take my time, watching Cho out of the corner of my eye while she puts on a cropped shirt that shows off most of her firm belly and a pair of tight black leggings under her shorts. She ties her raven colored hair in a ponytail and sits on the edge of the bed before she bends over to put on her trainers.

I groan softly watching her firm arse and I want nothing more than to pull her back to me, rip off all this damnable clothing and fuck her until all this fitness nonsense is out of her mind. I mean I am still more than a satisfactory experience in bed bordering on mind-blowing/earth-shattering encounter that changes lives forever and I’m proud of my prowess…getting into better shape isn’t going to change that. But of course, that’s just in my own humble opinion.

“Ready, love,” I jump up, feigning excitement at the prospect of a slog around Diagon Alley and I’m a bit distressed when I feel a twinge in my hamstring.

Cho stands up slowly and arches herself gracefully backwards before she says, “You’re going to hurt yourself jumping up like that when your attention is riveted on my arse.”

I nod dumbly and follow her out of the flat until we are standing in the middle of Diagon Alley. Cho stretches, bending her upper body stiffly until she takes hold of her ankles. She ignores the number of admirers who have clogged up traffic on the narrow course way but I find that I’m not jealous at all. Cho is beautiful but I know that she loves me so much that these blokes do not interest her at all.

‘Let’s go, George,” Cho begins to move briskly down the cobblestone street and I let her set the pace, knowing that my longer legs will carry me well. But I find I am sorely mistaken when we reach the end of the alley and move through the Leaky until we are on a London street because my fiancée has set a brutal pace.

I observe how fluidly Cho runs, her weight coming down of the balls of her feet while pushes smoothly off her knees, so she does not feel the thudding impact of her movement.

I, on the other hand, run like a baboon whose nards a bit too big. My bandy legs pump furiously and the knobs on the insides of my knees seem to collide every so often. Soon, I feel myself become winded as we make out way down the street and I find that I must stop. Taking hold of my knees, I begin to gulp in large amounts of air before I wheeze, “Home…Cho…or…I…might….die.”

“George, you can do this now. Anyway, there might be a reward if you can make it to Treetop Park,” Cho replies her breathing still even as she jogs in place next to me taking a sip from the water bottle she brought along before handing to me..

I lift my head to meet her eyes and notice the mischievous glint in them as I quirk an eyebrow and moan excitedly, “What kind of reward?”

“You’ll find out if you can catch me,” Cho responds while she bounds away and a new surge of energy seems to burst through me.

I chase her doggedly through the London streets until we reach the small park and she veers into a small copse of trees. Blundering into the bushes, I follow her and I’m surprised when it emerges into a tiny clearing, unseen from the rest of the park.

Cho leaps at me when she sees me and soon her lips are covering mine. I gasp for air and stumble backwards against a tree while Cho’s tongue delves deeply into my mouth before I push her away and moan, “You’ve got to be kidding me, love. I can barely breathe and you’re wanting to snog?”

“No, I’m just trying to give you your reward,” Cho pouts before she kneels in front of me. I watch in fascination as my intoxicatingly beautiful fiancée eyes cloud with desire as yanks down my shorts until they fall to the ground before she begins to slowly suckle upon the tip of my length, swirling her tongue over the head.

“Fuck Cho,” I sputter while leaning my head back against the tree. She teases her tongue along the entire underside of my erection, her almond shaped eyes now beckoning me to allow her to bestow upon me this gift. .

Her mouth begins to move slowly down my length while she sucks lightly upon the sensitive flesh. My hands tangle in her dark hair before she lifts her head and begins to blow lightly upon my tip while her hand reaches underneath to cup my balls.

She captures my length again, sliding it between her lips while she hums softly. The vibrations send a shiver through me and I thrust my hips toward her while she hollows her cheeks. Cho twists her head from left to right, the only sounds now my heavy panting and the soft slurping sound as her mouth forms a perfect vacuum around me.

Cho’s hand reaches under my shirt, her fingers splaying over the slight paunch there before I groan my need, my passion while she stares at me, her dark eyes smoldering yet still imploring me to tell her what I want.

Her head begins to bob faster, the intricate weaving of her tongue enflaming me as I wend my fingers even more tightly into her hair. My hips begin to rock toward her and I shut my eyes tightly while I feel my cock expand, signaling my imminent release. With an audible grunt, I explode, spilling myself down her throat while gasping, “Fucking Merlin-on-a-stick, Cho…bloody brilliant.”

My last words trail off in my post orgasmic haze as I watch Cho swallow hungrily. She stands and kisses me on the cheek, grabbing the water bottle away from me before she whispers, “If you catch me again, I’ll let you reward me this time.”

Cho takes off running out of our small clearing while I struggle to pull up my shorts. I take off running after her while thinking that I could easily get used to this fitness routine.
26th-Apr-2006 04:46 pm - "Questions and Answers"
Thoughts of my discussion with Gabrielle have been playing in my head since she revealed to me that she had been approached by a boy named William Mason and he asked her out. But then she didn’t tell Fred and that’s made me wonder if I there are things that Cho withholds from me.

I don’t think she’d lie to me or have an affair but she’s beautiful and surely men notice her. I know she wouldn’t cheat on me...after all, I am George and she can’t help but love me but she's so damn independent that she just might not tell me things and that worries me.

Sitting impatiently, I fidget while waiting for her to come home. Cho’s more lovely than she was even at Hogwarts where it seemed that every boy in the school pursued her at one point in time. Diggory, Potter, and the rest of the elite took a crack at her throughout her school years. I couldn’t even get near her through all her adoring fans. This fact has gnawed at me for a few days.

The front door opens and Cho walks in before she drops her bag on the floor. She smiles tiredly while she walks over to the sofa and plops down next to me. Cho kisses me on the cheek before she leans back and kicks off her shoes. She gives me her best sad puppy impression before she asks, “It’s been a tough day, love. Would you mind rubbing my feet for a bit?”

I can’t help but grin after she asks me. Taking one of her petite feet into my hand, I reply, “Of course, I always want the chance to touch the woman I love.”

We sit quietly for a moment as I caress her toes, working on each one reverently while I think about how to approach Cho to ask her the questions that will help ease my mind.

I guess I must have stayed quiet for a bit too long or the look on my face was a bit too puzzled or it might have been the dramatic sigh because I am snapped out of my troubled thoughts when Cho asks sharply, “What the hell is wrong, George?”

“Do you ever get approached by other men about going out?” I blurt out before I have a chance to consider what I’m saying.

I look at Cho in horror while her brow furrows and I immediately bring up my hand to cover my mouth. Cho pulls her feet away from me and sits up before she snaps, “What brought than on, George?”

“Because I spoke with Gabrielle the other day and she was approached by a young man who asked her out. She even told the boy that she might go out with him. I mean she lives with Fred and they love each other,” I answer with a slight bit of hesitation and try to reach for my fiancee.

“So you think because Gabrielle is getting asked out by those moronic boys at her school, I’m going to go out looking to cheat on you?” Cho retorts and bunches her fists angrily.

“I didn’t say cheat. I was asked if you had been approached by any men. I just want to know if I should be worried,” I respond and I know I’ve said the wrong thing immediately.

“Why would you be worried? I’ve never given you reason to think I’m interested in other men. But if I am, you’ll be the first to know,” Cho leans forward, her finger pointing in my face.

“I would hope so, Cho. I’d be honest with you, just like Fred,” I answer defiantly while sitting tensely on the sofa.

“Why would Fred need to be honest?” she asks harshly.

“He had a run in with Katie Bell. She propositioned him and I guess he went home and confessed it all to Gabrielle,” I respond while I shake my head.

“So, you’re worried I’m going to cheat. Maybe I should worry that you’ll end up like Fred. After all, Alicia is still available,” Cho crosses her arms and scoots further away from me.

“I just...never mind, you wouldn’t understand,” I mutter while standing. I’m not jealous. I know she’s not interested in other men but I just want to make sure she’s not holding anything back.

Moments pass in silence while I wander toward the kitchen. Leaning over the counter, I feel her hands wrap around my waist, “I’m not Gabrielle, George. When I was her age, I had to be popular but I learned quickly after what they did to Marietta. After that debacle, I spent seventh year by myself for the most part and I found out that I did just as well without all my false friends. Then I met you and I don’t even have a reason to speak to another man.”

“I know but I just don’t want you to hide things from me. I want you to trust me,” I reply while turning around and wrapping my arms around her.

Cho reaches up to cup my face while she gives me a small grin, “I am brutally honest with you, George. I would never hold anything like that back from you and you know I’d tell you every detail, including the kick in the stones if the fellow got too randy. In fact, I'd probably ask you along to watch.”

“I know but I guess what bothered me is that I saw Fred a few days later and I tried to joke about it with him. He didn’t have a clue what I was talking about. Why don’t you think Gabrielle told Fred?” I ask while leaning back against the counter, my hands grazing along her arms.

“Because those two are so in love that she probably didn’t see it as an issue or she didn’t want to hurt Fred or didn’t want Fred to hurt the lovestruck boy who asked her out,” Cho smirks while placing her hands upon my chest. She then tilts her head to the side and inquires, “I don’t understand why a boy would ask Gabrielle out though. You can obviously see she is smitten.”

“She’s a Veela, like Fleur, and you remember how the boys were around her at Hogwarts. I thought Ron would trip over his own tongue followin Fleur around,” I chuckle while kissing Cho’s long black hair. “But Fleur knew how to handle herself and I don’t think Gabrielle understands that men aren’t all like the Weasley boys.”

Cho slaps my chest lightly and asks, “I don’t ever recall you being smitten by Fleur. Why didn’t you ever fall for her charms?”

“I guess I always preferred Chinese food to French cuisine…even when I didn’t know it yet,” I bring my mouth down and capture Cho’s lips in a soft kiss. I find that her lips are gentle, her mouth warm and her soft tongue caresses mine before she pulls away.

“You know that even if I think you’re an insufferable prig, I could never leave him,” Cho sighs after we break apart, her hand wandering down my front to cup my growing arousal. Her almond shaped eyes dart back and forth, searching my features and I see the deep, underlying need of the woman I love.

“Well, I’m happy to report that he’s a big fan of Chinese too, Wonton,” I smile before I kiss her again and the world begins to fade away.
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